For small, nonprofits and purpose-driven, for-profits like yours, it can be hard to find someone that understands your unique marketing and communication needs while still placing the mission over the bottom line. But I’ve been where you are, and want to see more cause-focused organizations thrive. The work you're doing is important, and deserves to be seen. Let me be your extra set of hands.

Like you, I have the audacity to think we can change the world.

Whether you need a copywriter for your latest project, want to talk about communications strategy, or are interested in a better plan for your overall marketing efforts, I can help. Every day that you aren't wowing current customers or donors, and wooing the would-be's, is a day that someone else just might.

Let's get started. I want you to get noticed and grow.



Words have the power to change hearts, influence minds, and inspire action. It can be done in just a few syllables or may take many pages. But in order to convince and compel, you need the right words in the right order in the right place to make it happen. Let's shape your cause into a message that gets heard.


Maybe you're always busy with marketing tasks but not really getting anywhere, and need an outsider's perspective. Or maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you're stuck in the middle, and just need a nudge in the right direction. Wherever you find yourself, it's time to dream bigger and get more done.


A marketing or business communications strategy isn't just producing a bunch of emails, a few blogs, some social media posts, and hoping for the best. It requires a plan. Think of it like the GPS that directs and streamlines all of your efforts. It's only when you've found direction that you can move forward. And I'll show you how.