We aren’t just dreamers, We’re doerS.

I want to help you accomplish everything your amazing, cause-focused organization needs to focus on the right marketing and communications projects, and shine your message into the world. Let me provide you with a fresh pair of eyes, relieve stress from over-worked employees, and supply the extra man power you need to not only get the job done, but gain momentum. Through effective marketing and communications, your mission will become clearer, sound better and engage more people. Together, we can do great things.


(PSST...If you don't see what you need below, just reach out and ask! This self-described #wordnerd has a lot up her sleeves!)


words matter


It’s true that sticks and stones may hurt your bones . . . but you already know that words can actually hurt you. They can also move you, inspire you, make you laugh, and encourage you to take action. So, when it comes to your message, don’t skimp on what to say. Let’s choose the right words to move your mission forward. I’ll help ensure that your cause sounds creative, compelling, crowd-worthy. (<— alliteration!)

Here are just a few ways I can help:

  • Done for you launch package

  • Websites

  • Speaker materials

  • Email blasts

  • Blog posts

  • Press releases

  • Social media copywriting

  • Print materials

  • Marketing plans

  • Grant editing and research

  • And much, much more!

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Free Consultation



Let’s face it. You’ve probably got a laundry list of items on your marketing and communications To Do List. But maybe there’s one thing that’s really bugging you right now, or something important on the horizon that’s staring you in the face. Wouldn’t it be great to get feedback or advice? After all, sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to confirm, tweak, or change the direction you’re headed.

Here are just a few ways I can help:

  • Brand story consultation

  • Audit your website, social media, and marketing efforts

  • Feedback on current strategies or campaigns

  • Brainstorm and insight for your keynote speech

  • Marketing plan creation and consultation

  • Coaching for your staff copywriter

  • Strategic partnership advice

  • Event marketing feedback

  • Assistance on prioritizing your communications efforts

  • And much, much more!

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Incorporating philanthropy into your business



Because I work with nonprofits and social enterprises, other companies ask me how they can incorporate philanthropy and giving strategies into their business model. Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses want to be able to meaningfully contribute to causes, but aren't quite sure what that looks like, or if what they have is "enough." So, I'd love to help them (and you!) figure that out, because anytime I can encourage someone to donate to or participate in issues they care about, we're all better for it.