Incorporating philanthropy into your business



Because I work with nonprofits and social enterprises, other companies ask me how they can incorporate philanthropy and giving strategies into their business model. Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses want to be able to meaningfully contribute to causes, but aren't quite sure what that looks like, or if what they have is "enough." So, I'd love to help them (and you!) figure that out, because anytime I can encourage someone to donate to or participate in issues they care about, we're all better for it.

This is a two-hour consultation, in-person if you're here in Atlanta, or via video chat if you're not. I'll also follow up with you one month later to see how it's going, and answer any other questions you may have.

We'll talk about the specific resources and influence that you have to offer, what causes you're passionate about, and how you can start making an impact—now. We'll focus on what you already have at your fingertips, and I'll show you how it can be used to benefit others. You might just be surprised! Takeaway: There's no need to wait until you think you've "made it" to begin giving back!