Incorporating philanthropy into your business



Why wait for “someday” when you can start giving back now? As a for-profit small business, I know you want to make an impact on the causes you care about in your community and beyond. But like buying a new office chair, adding another employee, or hitching a ride on SpaceX, you may think it’s a dream reserved for the future. And that’s simply not true.

Today’s employees and consumers are ready to support businesses doing good, and you can be one of them. I can show you how to do it using what you already have at lying around, even if it’s no money and little time. And that’s not an empty promise, it’s a fact. There are solopreneurs and small businesses just like you who’ve discovered it’s possible. Can I show you how to begin your corporate social responsibility journey?


Here’s a peek into the process:


1) Chat

We can chat to see if I'm the right fit for your project. I have a strict policy of not wasting people's time and money.

2) Converse

During the consultation, we'll talk through your passions and interests, and also catalog your readily available resources.

3) Plan

We'll create an easy-to-follow action plan so that you can get started ASAP. We’ll make this not only do-able, but inevitable.

4) Follow-Up

I’ll check in with you a month later to see how it’s going, answer questions, and trouble-shoot any issues you might be having.

5) Celebrate

We'll high five in person or virtually to celebrate you becoming a philanthropist. And I'll be here to support you long after.