Kristi Porter, founder of Signify

Hi, there!

I'm Kristi Porter, and I help small nonprofits and for-profits with a social mission get noticed and grow through effective marketing and communications.

I also teach solopreneurs and small businesses how to incorporate easy philanthropy and giving strategies so they can leverage their existing resources and influence to make a positive impact.

Essentially, I make cause-focused organizations look and sound more professional so they can build a larger audience, increase sales or donations, and do more good. 


First, many small businesses are understaffed, and those who lead them are outpaced by the needs. This is especially true for cause-focused organizations, where the purpose takes precedence, and the majority of people resources are devoted to selling, fundraising, or administration, rather than regularly engaging with current supporters and reaching potential fans. Maybe you can relate. 

I'm here to alleviate that burden by bridging the gap.

You don't have to be a big organization to make a big impact. And if you don't have someone on staff who can handle your marketing and communications, or that person is maxed out, you need a partner who can show you how to attract more customers and donors. You may be small now, but you don't have to stay that way.

Second, I chose to focus on both nonprofits and social enterprises, the for- and non-profit side of the "do good" space, because I wanted to invest my time and effort with those who were committed to helping others. It's work I deeply believe in.


As a small business marketing copywriter and consultant, I provide communications, strategy, and writing services to nonprofits, social enterprises, and other for-profit organizations with social or charitable giving. Just take a look at my amazing clients. Additionally, I offer ongoing guidance, ideas, strategies, planning, tips, tools, and tricks through my blogresources list, and social media. After all, sharing is caring!

It’s my desire for businesses like yours to communicate in a more compelling manner because I believe you are the future of business. When you succeed, we all win. 


I launched Signify in 2016 as a solution to my friends' problems. Several people I knew founded cause-focused organizations, both for- and non-profit, but few had marketing and communications experience. They were struggling to get the work done that they already understood, much less the world of marketing and communications that they didn't. For many years, I stepped in as a freelancer or informal consultant. 

However, as time passed, I saw a void that needed to be filled. Similar organizations who are just getting started, or who have stayed small, couldn't afford a staffer with my knowledge and expertise, but they could afford to hire someone like me for projects as needed. This formed the foundation for my work and led to the creation of Signify. I knew that there were others like them—like you—and I wanted to help.


With my assistance, these small but powerful organizations have increased their donations and sales, gained more influence over their audience, found new ways to share their message, and created strategies that set them up for long-term success. 

I was honored to start my business by helping my friends. Now, I'd be honored to help you.


I've been around nonprofits all of my life, and have been involved in the social justice community since 2006. So, I speak the language of my clients because it's based on my own experiences and the time spent around those I support and work with.

My background includes writing, marketing, public relations, social media, events, content marketing, blogging, strategy, and business communications, which I’ve utilized across various industries over the past, ahem, 15 years. And I’ve worked in cool places such as a hospitality public relations firm, an environmental nonprofit, and a Christian curriculum and event company. I have also freelanced for several local and national publications. And most of my volunteer hours have been spent with anti-trafficking organizations and my church.


If you'd like to continue learning about Signify's backstory, check out this blog post, or listen to this interview (starting at 36:40—but the whole thing is great!).

And if anything I said resonated with you, take a look at my Services to get a better idea of how we might work together. Unlike many people in my position, I didn't name this company after myself. I chose the name Signify to represent the greater things we can do together. Whether we collaborate in person or online, I know we can move your mission forward. You don't need to figure it out—or do it all— alone.

I'd love to champion your cause.



Have an upcoming event, product, fundraising or awareness campaign? Here's your opportunity to get your hands on a bunch of FREE launch ideas that have worked for nonprofits and social enterprises just like yours. It's time to make what's worked for them, work for you.


Fun Facts?

  • I've volunteered with nonprofits all of my life, and also worked at a few.

  • I've been involved in the social justice movement since 2006 through volunteering, attending events, financial contributions, and spreading the word whenever possible. My favorite issue to tackle is human trafficking.

  • I love to travel, and took my first solo international trip to Barcelona.

  • According to Myers-Briggs, I’m an INFJ. On the Enneagram, I'm a 4w3.

  • I visited the Disney Animation Studios vault, and promised to keep the address a secret.

  • I was a hostess and helped manage private events at a restaurant in Grand Central Station.

  • I reviewed restaurants for a short time.

  • There are two gifts I’ve always wanted: A lock pick set and diplomatic immunity. Because, why not?

  • I have a personal blog at



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I have always tried to be someone who gives back to my community and the world through my time, influence, expertise and finances. So, it was natural that Signify would be no different. I deeply believe in my mission of supporting cause-focused organizations, and that includes a give-back strategy in those same, four areas. Some of these philanthropic endeavors have been on behalf of clients, and some on behalf of other worthy organizations. My hope is that these efforts will increase as the company grows, but from day one, it was important that Signify embody the same values as those I serve.