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I’m Kristi Porter, and I have a background in writing, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, events and business communications, which I’ve utilized across various industries over the past, ahem, 15 years. And I’ve worked in cool places such as a hospitality public relations firm, an environmental nonprofit, and a Christian curriculum and event company. I have also freelanced for several local and national publications.

In 2016, I launched Signify to write and consult for cause-focused organizations like nonprofits, social justice organizations, social enterprises and other companies driven by a purpose or mission. It’s my desire for these types of companies to communicate in a more compelling and professional manner because I believe, and hope, they are the future of business. When they succeed, we all win. 

And I especially love working with small businesses.


Fun Facts:

  • I love to travel, and recently took my first solo international trip to Barcelona.

  • According to Myers-Briggs, I’m an INFJ.

  • I visited the Disney Animation Studios vault, and promised to keep the address a secret.

  • I was a hostess and helped manage private events at a restaurant in Grand Central Station.

  • I reviewed restaurants for a short time.

  • There are two gifts I’ve always wanted: A lock pick set and diplomatic immunity. Because, why not?

  • I have a personal blog at

When I'm HANGING OUT ONLINE, you can find me here:

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Photo Credit: Johna Castro


I have always tried to be someone who gives back to my community and the world through my time, influence, expertise and finances. So, it was natural that Signify would be no different. I deeply believe in my mission of supporting cause-focused organizations, and that includes a give-back strategy in those same four areas. Some of these philanthropic endeavors have been on behalf of clients, and some on behalf of other worthy organizations. My hope is that these efforts will increase as the company grows, but from day one, it was important that Signify embody the same values as those I serve.