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Everything on the site looks great to you, but you still need to talk it through. You'd love to work with me, but it's a big commitment. I get it! Deciding where to spend your hard-earned dollars isn't easy. Let's chat and see if I'm the right person to help move your mission forward. No pressure and no sales pitch. I'll probably even give you some free marketing advice. Sound good?

Includes a 20-minute consultation. We'll get to know each other a bit, you'll tell me about your project, I'll provide some actionable feedback, and you can consider whether we should change our relationship status. Contact me to book.

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laser focused attention

Let’s face it. You’ve probably got a laundry list of items on your marketing and communications To Do List. But maybe there’s one thing that’s really bugging you right now, or something important on the horizon that’s staring you in the face. Wouldn’t it be great to get feedback or advice? After all, sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to confirm, tweak, or change the direction you’re headed.

We’ll focus on a current project or problem you’re having, so that you can move forward in the right direction. Our time together will give you peace of mind, clarity, confidence, and help ensure your success. Book a 15-Minute Mini Consult or a 60-Minute Consultation.

brand voice consultation


you can’t afford to get this wrong

There are some foundational aspects to your marketing that you must get right in order to build and scale effectively. Understanding and outlining your brand voice is one of those essentials. It’s not only what you say to your donors or customers, but how you say it—and it must be done in a consistent, compelling, and authentic way. It’s the gateway to how your tribe becomes your tribe. Your brand voice helps separate you from everyone else. Do you want to blend in or stand out?

Through my own five-part framework of questions, I’ll ask about your organization and audience so we can start to develop a comprehensive document that will outline the “voice” and personality of your brand. This guide will help ensure that everyone internally (or that contracts for you) uses the tone and vocabulary that has been defined. Moving forward, everything you produce will sound like it came from you. This consistency adds trust and credibility, and helps establish your uniqueness among your competitors. Contact me to book.

website audit


make the most of your marketing mvp

Your website is your digital doorstep. And no matter where someone found you—in person, on social media, or through a friend—they’re going to knock on this door to learn more. So, is your website actually doing it’s job? Does it accurately convey your mission, vision, and values? Does it visually complement your work? Does it easily tell them how to buy, donate, or get involved? Does it make them want to take action? If not, you’ve got a big problem. I can give you the insight and outside perspective you need to see your website in a whole new light—the one that attracts the right people.

Starts with a 30-minute introductory session. Then I’ll take what we talked about and evaluate every inch of your website. After that, I’ll provide you with feedback and suggestions, as well as resources to help you improve. I’ll even outline your priorities, so that you’re tackling the most important items first. We’ll finish with a 30-minute conversation to make sure you know what to do next. Contact me to book.

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FULL Communications AUDIT & Strategy Session

look good from every angle

Perhaps you have a bit of a communications plan in place, but it needs some help. Or maybe you don't have a clue what you're supposed to be doing, but are eager to start. Is your website working for you? What is your social media actually saying to your customers and donors? I can help you answer these questions and more.. This is an opportunity for you to get, or get back, on the right track. Once you put a strategy in place, you'll have a framework to filter all your communications and marketing decisions.

Starts with a 60-minute introductory session. Then I'll take what we talked about and evaluate your current efforts (ex: website, social media, primary print/online assets), brainstorm new ideas, and give feedback on relevant systems. I'll also provide priority recommendations for moving forward. We'll finish with a final 60-minute session two weeks later to make sure you understand your new strategy. Contact me to book.


Marketing Plan & Consultation

the one plan to rule them all

Maybe you’re a go-getter, but need your marching orders. I’ll write a comprehensive and detailed marketing plan especially for you, while you handle the execution. Putting everything into a cohesive document can help define your audience, establish objectives and goals, solidify your unique identity, layout your marketing efforts, and outline key organizational dates. When you have your strategy in place, you know where you’re headed and how to get there.

Read more here, and download a free marketing plan template.

Includes: A 60-minute strategy session, custom marketing plan, and a 60-minute follow-up session to make sure you understand the plan. Contact me to book.

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