35 creative ways to give back with your business


You don't need to start a nonprofit or social enterprise to make an impact. You just need to make a decision. 

Every day, solopreneurs and small business owners like you are creating change. They have decided to incorporate philanthropy and giving strategies into their business model because making money for the sake of it isn't enough. They want to give part of what they got.

You may even aspire to that idea yourself . . . one day.

But, right now, you think you don't have enough time, enough money, or enough __________. You want to be generous, but that's reserved for when you've "made it." 

Or, maybe you've already acquired some success and are ready to take that charitable step, but you don't know where to begin. There are so many issues and organizations that need your help!

I'm here to tell you that what you have is already enough, and the time to start giving is now. (Even if you have $0. Nope, that’s not a typo.)

I'll show you how to use your existing resources and influence make a difference—starting now.

Why wait? Your impact can begin today.

Let's add philanthropist to your job title.

Kristi Porter, founder of Signify

I'm Kristi Porter, and I started Signify to provide writing and consulting services to nonprofits and for-profit organizations with a social mission, primarily through copywriting, marketing, and business communications. I also teach solopreneurs and small businesses how to incorporate philanthropy and giving strategies. I believe that cause-focused organizations are the future of business. You're proof that companies can both make money and do good. And I'm here to help you get noticed and grow. When you succeed, we all win.