I've seen it time and again.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes fall prey to this mistake—they launch without a solid strategy.

While most people care about how they launch, meaning what tactics and methods they'll use, the key to success often relies in the strategy.


Because you can shout about your next big thing from the rooftops all day long, but if you haven't prepared people to hear about it, you'll just go home hoarse and discouraged.

You'll waste money on ads and efforts that don't pay off.

You'll attract the wrong audience.

You'll miss out on opportunities to engage more deeply with your tribe.

You'll work yourself (and your team) into the ground with little to show for it.

Or, you may even find some success without a strategy, but it probably won't be what you hoped for.

But a well-thought-out strategy can transform a launch. It will give meaning to your methods and purpose to your plans.

As a cause-focused organization, I know you're all about maximum impact. This launch strategy guide will help ensure that you make the most of your time, money, and resources—and reach your goals.

There are so many aspects to pulling off a launch. Why add stress and overwhelm to the list?

Instead, let's set you up for success. Throughout the pages of Promote With Purpose, we'll talk about what to do before, during, and after your launch. We'll also cover best practices, and I'll give you examples that not only drive the points home, but will be easy to remember. And, yes, we'll even cover how to get the word out. If you don't already have it, you'll get full access to my Launch Marketing Checklist, which gives you pages and pages of promotion ideas. But, remember, without a strategy, these suggestions will only get you so far.

Part manifesto and part philosophy, this guide will help you set up your next launch with more intention and clarity.

You'll feel more confident.

Your audience will hear your message.

Your mission will get the spotlight it deserves.

And you'll see results.

Let's make your next launch your best yet. 

Get the launch strategy guide to create, build, and sustain momentum for your cause.



Anyone working on their next launch will benefit from the Promote With Purpose guide. 

What's a launch, you ask? Great question! I'm defining a launch as the exciting, new project on the horizon for your nonprofit or social enterprise. That could be a product, service, event, course, or fundraising campaign. It would also work well for a new location, change in leadership, website renovation, or any number of things. 

Promote With Purpose

A Launch Strategy Guide To Create, Build, and Sustain Momentum For Your Cause

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