This summer, I'm holding what I call "office hours." Just like the days of your college professors, I'll be dedicating time every week to walk someone through a marketing and communications issue or question.

Office hours will be every Tuesday from 2:00-3:00 p.m. and 4:00-5:00 p.m. EST Unfortunately, that's all my schedule will accommodate right now, and this is just an experiment to see how it goes. 

I'll talk to two people each week, with the goal of helping them with a specific problem. We'll only have a short amount of time, so it's best to have that question or issue in mind before we speak. In fact, you'll be asked to provide that topic when you book the call.

What's in it for me? Glad you asked!

I have a couple of exciting projects coming up, and I'd like to do some market research to make sure I'm on target. So, in addition to answering your question, I'll have one or two of my own. But don't worry, I'll be quick, and we'll still have plenty of time for you!

Want to participate? Schedule yourself right here.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who's eligible to participate?

A. Because of the market research I need to do, the office hours are only open to 1) nonprofits, social enterprises, and for-profits with a social mission, OR 2) for-profits seriously interested in incorporating philanthropy into their business model.

Q. Is there a cost to participate?

A. Nope! I'm offering this free of charge right now since we'll be helping each other out.

Q. Do we only have an hour?

A. Unfortunately, yes. We need to try and stick to 60 minutes since we both have a lot going on. But we'll be able to cover a lot of ground!

Q. What if I don't have a specific marketing and communication question or issue?

A. I'll better be able to help you if you have something specific in mind, especially given the time constraint. And this way you leave the conversation with the right action steps. But I'm happy to share general feedback and advice if you genuinely don't have anything particular to ask. However, I'd rather you not show up to the call as a blank slate. :)

Q. How will we be chatting?

A. We'll do a video call via FreeConferenceCall.com. You'll need to download their software to participate, and when you book, you'll be given a link to use at the time of the call.

Q. What if I'm not available at those two times?

A. This is the time I've set aside for this summer service right now, but if the times will not work for you, then email me at kristi@signify.solutions to see if I have any other time available. But I can't make any promises. 

 Kristi Porter, founder of Signify

I'm Kristi Porter, and I started Signify to help small nonprofits and for-profits with a social mission get noticed and grow through effective marketing and communications. I believe that cause-focused organizations like yours are the future of business. You're proof that companies can both make money and do good. And I'm here to make sure you focus and shine. When you succeed, we all win.